List of Papers of IOCBS 2018 Proceedings

Paper Title Download
Optical Brightening Agents (OBA’s): comparison of In Silico models for prediction of mutagenicity and its impact on environment Download
Targeting m-calpain for ouabain induced smooth muscle cell proliferation Download
Usefulness of homoeopathic medicines in treatment of stress urinary incontinence in parous females: a case series Download
Ayurved-historical therapy for future expectation Download
A logical exposition of Vishaada w.s.r to GAD in 21st Century Download
IN SILICO molecular docking studies of antibacterial drug from Amaranthus viridis L. Download
Identification and validation of growth associated SNPs in Macrobrachium rosenbergii (De Man 1879) using Sanger sequencing Download
Phytochemical, antioxidant and growth modulating effect of Physalis minima Download
Phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial activities of Emblica officinalis (L) leaf extracts against fish pathogen Aeromonas hydrophila Download
A review on applications of CRISPR-gene editing technology for retinal diseases Download
A novel mtDNA sequence analysis paradigm using confusion matrix Download
Taxonomic significance of external genitalia in genus metanastria hübner (lasiocampidae: bombycoidea: lepidoptera) Download
Taxonomic status of genus Pida walker lymantriidae (noctuoidea: lymantriidae) from north-west india Download
Insulin influences peptidylarginine deiminase 4 activity Download
Taxonomic significance of internal genitalic organs in family lymantriidae (lepidoptera)/td> Download
Menstrual hygiene: are “free days” making our rural adolescent girls feel free? Download
Psychosocial determinants of infant weight gain in rural South India Download
Relationship of shoot gall psylla (Apsylla cistellata Buckton) oviposition with gall formation, panicle initiation and adult emergence in mango Download
Differential preference of fast-food consumption in few representative areas of West Bengal/td> Download
3D structure modelling, docking studies of NQO1- isoform 1, 2 with FAD and anti-cancer drug RH1 Download
SAR & QSAR analysis of Camptothecin (CPT) as Topoisomerase 1 Inhibitors using molecular modelling techniques Download
Impact of paternal age and addictions on Down Syndrome live birth Download
Reconstruction of phylogenetic history to resolve the subspecies anomaly of Pantherine cats Download
Characterization of bacteria present in the probiotics in Indian market Download
Case report: management of Psoriasis (Ekakustha) by multiple Shodhana and Shamana Chikitsa Download
Potentiality of mangrove associate species Porteresia coarctata (salt marsh grass) in acting as an agent of phytoremediation Download
Traditional knowledge and biodiversity of ethnomedicinal plants used by the ethnic tribal people of Tripura, North East India Download
Anthelmintic activity of leaves of Sophora interrputa Bedd Download
Detailed analysis and land use mapping of tea development centre, Umsning Meghalaya Download
Quantification of RNi-Prognosis marker for renal dysfunctioning among Leprosy patients Download
Electronic properties of flavonols: quantum mechanical studies Download
Assessing the bacterial composition of fresh water from Gobindsagar reservoir using next generation sequencing Download